About Leviathan Wellness

Leviathan Wellness is a medical practice focused on men’s health issues. Dr. Sen started Leviathan Wellness after going through his own wellness journey. What he found is that most wellness clinics are catering to women’s hormone issues, and a large part of their focus is on beauty. Others are in the “anti-aging” market and generally deal with an older clientele. Most practices do not offer a comprehensive approach to “optimizing” aging or helping to restore energy levels.

With the creation of Leviathan Wellness Dr. Sen’s aim is to appeal to men who are getting older but wish to maintain the lifestlye they worked so hard to create in their youth. A lot of men out there might are in their prime, in terms of their profession, social llife and assets, but struggle to maintain the same energy level and focus they enjoyed in their younger years.

Steadily exercise becomes a chore, because there simply isnt enough energy or desire to get out to run, bike, hike or climb. And the loss of stamina and strength in the gym can become seriously disheartening. Add the age-related unwanted weight gain and it feels easy to just give in and give up. Perhaps you have a nagging injury that doesn’t get better, or you aren’t bouncing back from your workouts like you used to. Or maybe you aren’t sleeping well or are unhappy with your libido or sexual performance.

We don’t just treat male hormone deficiency and musculoskeletal injuries. We use peptides and stem cells to optimize recovery from injury, and also to help you achieve your fitness goals and maintain your optimal body type.

Our services include:
• Testosterone replacement therapy
• Peptide treatment to optimize body composition
• Counselling and medical treatment regarding increasing longevity or “health span”
• Medical management of erectile dysfunction
• Evaluation of musculoskeletal injuries
• Platelet rich plasma treatment
• Access to pharmaceutical grade supplements from Metagenics
• Assessment for the NYS medical marijuana program

The end goal is to try to offer a more personal experience. Dr. Sen does not use physician assistants or nurse practitioners to screen or evaluate patients, so your information remains confidential. If you have questions you can even contact Dr. Sen directly. Dr. Sen has also built a varied and experienced network of professionals should you need a referral – be it for advanced medical imaging, personal training, specialized orthopedic or chiropractic care, and even male fertility issues.

For more information, contact us at through this website, or just give us a call at 212 303 1728

dr sen is a male wellness hrt specialist in downtown manhattan

About Dr. Milan Sen

Dr. Milan Sen started Leviathan Wellness as a way to provide real solutions to aging specifically for men. The practice provides a range of methods for men who put in the hard work and expect them to pay off in all aspects of their life.

However, due to age, the returns from all that hard work, diet, and exercise tend to slow down and eventually stop. This is where Leviathan Wellness can help, with a multifaceted and individualized approach to wellness and anti-aging for men in NYC.

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