What is BPC 157 And How Can It Help You?

Body Protein Compound 157 is a synthetic peptide with some promising therapeutic applications.

What is the BPC 157 Peptide?

BPC 157 is derived from human gastric juice, but the actual 15 amino acid fragment does not exist by itself in nature.
How does it work?
The exact mechanism of action of BPC 157 is unclear. However, based on multiple animal studies and anecdotal evidence in humans, it appears that BPC 157 promotes restoration of blood supply to damaged tissue. Improved blood supply will then speed up the healing process.

What’s the evidence for BPC 157?

The majority of the research into BPC 157 has been conducted in small animal models of tendon and muscle injury. This includes evidence of improved Achilles tendon (ankle) and medial collateral ligament (knee) healing, improved tendon to bone healing, and accelerated healing of quadriceps muscle (thigh) tears and crushed gastrocnemius (calf) muscle.

How is it taken?
In animal studies this peptide had been shown to be effective when given systemically, and locally. Available preparations in humans can include oral tablets, oral spray, rectal suppository, or injection directly into the site of injury. As with most peptides, the bioavailability of this compound when taken orally is uncertain. It is probably most effective when delivered by injection directly to the site of injury.

Who should take it?
The efficacy of BPC 157 in repair of musculoskeletal injuries is yet to be confirmed in human subjects. While it is believed to have a good safety profile and great potential to accelerate and improve recovery and healing after injury, its use must be considered experimental.

The most convincing evidence points to the use of this compound to either (1) accelerate muscle and tendon healing – for example, after an acute muscle tear or sprain, or (2) promote healing in tissue that otherwise has difficulty healing itself such as chronic tennis elbow. In either case, the potential benefit will be earlier return of function so that you can get back to your usual exercise or fitness routine.

Anyone considering the use of this product should first consult with a physician, and make certain that the compound is coming from a reliable source.

* this content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and no patient-physician relationship is formed.