How Can We Help?

Wellness can seem like a vague term, but our approach to Male wellness is one built on relationships and specific results. 

Your goals, hopes and lifestyle are all taken in to account when providing you with a unique, custom treatment plan.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone replacement is a long term solution to a chronic issue many men face as we get older. At Leviathan Wellness this is an essential but not often exclusive part of the puzzle. As always our goal is to get you feeling great and ready to take on the world.

Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment

Not long ago, targeted, injectable treatments for anti-inflammation or localized healing was just a dream. With PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) therapy we can focus on specific joints and tendons and help you recover, heal and perform as you did decades ago.

Medical Management of Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Never something to be ashamed of, ED can sometimes indicate a serious medical issue, but it always takes a mental toll. Fortunately, age-related Erectile Dysfunction is easily treatable and the effects are life-changing.

Peptide Treatment

As non-invasive as one can get when dealing with injection-based solutions for correcting age-related fatigue, weight loss, or metabolism issues. Peptides are an effective and powerful solution to a number of wellness issues.

Counseling and Treatment for Increased longevity

Life is a complicated journey with few easy answers. While what we offer is not a traditional form of concealing, it is a great way to consider your options for anti-aging and men’s-wellness.

Exclusive Access to Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements From Metagenics

Not your average supplements, these supplements are independently verified for safety and purity. Nutritional supplements are an excellent solution for men looking at a simple, dietary approach to aging. Available only through exclusive, participating physicians.

Orthopedic Evaluation of Musculoskeletal Injuries

Dr. Sen is an Orthopedic specialist with many years of experience treating musculoskeletal injuries and joint issues. At Leviathan Wellness physical issues and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries are part of the overall treatment plan.

Assessment For the NYS Medical Marijuana Program

While not considered a part of wellness, the use of medical marijuana can help with several metabolic and pain-related issues. Medical marijuana can help with overall well-being or it can be used to alleviate specific issues.

Our Mission is Total Male Wellness

Leviathan Wellness seeks to create a medical, lifestyle, and nutritional plan for men seeking long term solutions to a number of problems are they age. Each treatment option is a piece of a holistic wellness solution individually tailored and meticulously monitored by founder Dr. Milan Sen.

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