Testosterone Replacement Therapy

What causes low testosterone in men?
What are some common symptoms?
How is this condition treated?

What Causes Low Testosterone or Low T in Men?

The main cause of low testosterone is age. Testosterone levels rarely drop suddenly or without showing signs of the decline. As we age our hormone levels fluctuate, change, and decrease in a linear fashion.
After the age of 30 testosterone levels in men continue to drop as age advances. This drop is gradual but consistent and there is no fighting this reality of the aging process. At least not without medical intervention.

Your natural physiology or endocrinology can also be a factor in declining or out-of-range hormone levels. Testosterone levels vary between individual men, that is why testosterone is measured on a range and is not a set number. Some men simply have more testosterone, and some naturally produce less. And the timing of natural hormone changes also seems to vary from man to man. Some men may be suffering from chronically low T their entire lives and not know it. These men may simply be feeling like they aren’t trying enough or that they may not be good enough, lazy, or worse. A lot of men needlessly beat themselves up over a medical problem and end up with issues of depression or anxiety, when the solution could simply be natural hormone augmentation or replacement.

The environment plays a big part in the development and regulation of our “hormone health” or endocrinology. These days everyone knows about environmental toxins, plastics in our food/ water supply, declining sperm counts in men, developmental disorders, and just plain bad air. We are assaulted by the environment in which we live every day. There has been an increase in information about how male hormone production can be affected by diet, exercise, sleep as well as things like drug use, and exposure to harmful chemicals and toxins in our environment. In the coming decades, hormone replacement in men will only increase as the demands on the male endocrine system become more taxing.

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What Are Some Common Symptoms of Low Testosterone?

Low testosterone is also known as Andropause or Male Menopause is very real and causes great distress in men.

Chronic Fatigue

The most common symptom is constant tiredness. Testosterone is a huge factor in keeping men active and energized. This common symptom is often the first sign of low-t and the most obvious one. Chronic fatigue on its own can be a symptom of many medical or lifestyle issues, but it can often be the most devastating.


Another common complaint that shows up in relation to Low testosterone, is the feeling that you’re never getting enough sleep. Even minor disruptions in your sleep schedule can feel like an uphill battle. Men have reported feeling sleepy even with a healthy sleep regimen, and naps don’t seem to help much.

Physiologic Decline

Changes in physiology are as mentally difficult as they are physically noticeable. Loss of muscle mass and strength, even with continued exercise, increased joint pain and injuries, a loss of athletic ability, and desire to exercise are devastating to most men. But this does not have to be a new normal.

A Common but Important Sign of Declining Testosterone Levels in Men

Personality changes are something that does not get enough notice when it comes to dealing with declining hormones in men. Your mental health affects the ones around you from family, to work colleagues and friends, mental health changes are an especially concerning issue related to low testosterone. Men have reported feeling less social, less motivated socially, quicker to sour in conversation, less likely to pursue goals and relationships with an increasingly negative outlook on life. All this regardless of the fact that their careers of family life remain otherwise successful or fruitful. Luckily, as a society, we seem to be moving towards acknowledging the issue of mental health in men. The next step is to approach this holistically and consider hormone therapy as a piece of the puzzle.

Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction is the most obvious and concerning to men. In most cultures, sexual health and masculinity go hand in hand. In a globally prominent city like New York, this is emphasized and ingrained into male psychology perhaps more so. Sexual ability does naturally decline with age, but it cal also be a sign of several issues including cardiovascular trouble. Sexual dysfunction is a major sign of low-t but it is altogether a sign that you need to see your doctor soon.

There are many more symptoms of lot-T in men, and many of these symptoms can also be indicative of a serious or life-threatening condition. Always discuss all of your health-related issues with your doctor, and never rely solely on your own research.

Some Benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy


Find that natural drive and energy and love for life you had in your prime.

Rebuild Strength

TRT can help prevent age related muscle loss and inprove recovery from physical activities.

Relieve Stress

TRT can help increase the ability to handle daily stress and life’s daily obstacles.

Improve Mood

Your outlook on life will change once you are not limited by declining energy and vitality.

Look Younger

Regain a youthful look by maintaining muscle mass and reducing body-fat.

Mind & Soul

TRT can also help improve brain function and cognitive ability.

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