Let me tell you about why I started this practice, and where how I intend to change the lives of men as we age.

I started Leviathan Wellness because I felt there was a need for a concierge style men’s wellness clinic in New York City. I wanted a clinic that dealt with hormone therapy and other treatment modalities in the context of men’s wellness, and not just in the context of men’s fertility.

older men with low testosterone treatment in nyc for anti aging

Most of the hormone replacement practices in Manhattan are focused on dealing with both men and women, so I really felt there was a need for something that looked specifically at male needs and specific expectations.

There are a couple of reasons why I think this type of Clinic really works in Manhattan, one is that successful driven men, especially in New York have one very limited resource, and that’s their time. They don’t want to be stuck in a clinic with a ton of other people, waiting for hours to see a nurse practitioner or physician assistant. They want to be in and out quickly, and to be able to communicate directly with their physician.

That is exactly what we offer here at Leviathan Wellness. The other issue is that in the mail Wellness field, which overlaps a lot with the anti-aging, we have to think about the sort of exposure that we get living in a city like New York. We’re talking about environmental exposure. A lot of advancing research is showing that many of the diseases that we associate with aging may be exacerbated by our environment, which makes it all the more important that we have a clinic that’s focused on men’s wellness. 

What we offer here is not just hormone replacement therapy and peptide therapy but also a very comprehensive approach to male wellness.

This is a practice where you meet with me, I get to know you, I get to understand what your needs are. Most importantly I work to learn what your expectations are. Then we develop a wellness treatment plan that incorporates different types of therapies, in order to give you the best outcome possible. Additionally we also provide exclusive access to some unique nutritional supplements, available through Metagenics. Wellness doesn’t mean the same thing for everyone, so it’s really important that the approaches individualized.

This simply can not be done through a simple online form or questionnaire; it really acquires meeting someone face-to-face, and developing a relationship, because you want to give them what they need so they can feel well. The goal is different from one person to the next, and its essential to understand that. I often have clients come in complaining about low energy, fatigue, sexual dysfunction, loss of and even regression of athletic performance among other things. They’ve often done their research online and they get it in their heads that their testosterone is low, and they need to get that replaced. 

Low testosterone very well may be the reason for it, or it  may be just part of it. It can also be something completely different, and  it’s important that you and your doctor sit down and have a conversation. Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) is often a part of a possible treatment plan at Leviathan Wellness. But we must always make sure to get the appropriate targeted blood work, and then design the treatment accordingly. Its also absolutely essential when treating someone with hormones, that we follow up and see if the treatment is working. We monitor and discuss and test to see if maybe we have to adjust things. This kind of approach works best when we meet face-to-face, and talk about how you’re responding to treatment, how you’re feeling, and if you’re noticing Improvement.

That is the secret to a long, healthy, and most importantly rewarding life. The aging process does not have to be a constant uphill battle.

As we work together over time, we build a program that’s really taylor made for you, your needs and expectations. Whether we integrate  hormone replacement (TRT) or peptides, or dial in supplementation, your results and happiness are the long term goals.


Leviathan Wellness
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